This is a call to action!

Dear Europeans,

The world is upside down! “We are at war”, “The greatest challenge after World War II”, one headline chases the other.

We are all in a crisis that has changed our lives at an insane rate. Fundamental rights have been suspended, borders closed, emergency loans and rescue packages passed at unprecedented amounts, cultural life has come to an almost complete stop.

We as Eurovercity e.V. fight for a Europe of cohesion that solves conflicts and problems together. Due to the current situation, we are more worried than ever, even though we see the current measures without valuation. Our fear relates to the time after the pandemic. What will our continent look like? How will we deal with our neighboring countries, will we experience open borders again or will more countries search their way out of the European Union - see Brexit, to mention just one thing...

In view of this global political situation, we call on all artists, event organizers, clubs, universities and all Europeans to work with us in late summer 2021 to set a sign for a peaceful and common Europe. We are "Generation Europe" and should do something to keep that privilege!

A big event with concerts, workshops and cultural exchanges in the middle of Germany is planned. In order to give as many people as possible the chance to participate, entry fees should be low or, if possible, completely free. This vision can only be realized if everyone who wants to keep the idea of a common Europe alive helps working on it. Regardless of whether you are a (big) artist or a helping hand in setting up the event, this sign can only be set together.

We're looking forward to your answer.

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Europe - United in diversity!

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